Silvio Danailov - Entrepreneur &
President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation

Mr. Silvio Danailov is Chess Entrepreneur, President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation since 2011 & Manager of GM Veselin Topalov. He was President of the European Chess Union and Member of FIDE Presidential Board (2010-2014).

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Breaking news! Important announcement

20170104_breaking_newsVeselin Topalov won’t play any official FIDE or ECU event until the criminal gang of Makro&friends is ruling FIDE

To all members of the Chess Community worldwide:

Dear all,

Since 2014, the criminal gang of Makro&friends, who has been ruling FIDE from 1995 onwards, has been attacking the Bulgarian Chess Federation in a very ugly and disgraceful way. The Bulgarian Chess Federation is regarded one of the most active and successful federations worldwide, with enormous contribution to the world of chess over the last two decades. Officially FIDE and ECU have spent more then 200.000€ in legal expenses to fight against our federation. At the same time, FIDE is close to bankruptcy as a result of the actions of the same useless and incompetent people. All this is completely unacceptable and must be put an end to.

Enough is enough.

In consideration of the above, we officially announce that the former FIDE World Champion Veselin Topalov won’t play any official FIDE or ECU events until the criminal gang of Makro&friends is gone from FIDE and ECU once and forever.


The true life story of Zurab Azmaiparashvili, the worst criminal in chess history ever

Dear chess presidents, delegates, politicians, and lovers of the game,

FIDE World Cadets Championship 2016 started in Batumi (Georgia).

We would like to draw your attention to the person who is, as you probably already know, organizing this event – Zurab Azmaiparashvili, whose moral portrait we would like to shed some light on, this being our duty.

There are some very interesting facts from the secret life of Azmaiparashvili, which are known to very few people in the world and which should not remain hidden from the public eye any longer. As he is the biggest fighter against corruption in chess at present, we think people ought to know him better.

It is a big shame that the FIDE, knowing the moral record of Azmaiparashvili, have granted this children’s event to such a person.

20160910_picture01Chapter 1 : Beginnings. The robbery of the century

In the 80s Azmaiparashvili was an average GM, nothing special, around Top 50-100 in the world, max, but never even close to the Top 10 or anything similar.

His real career started when Garry Kasparov, for some unknown reason, employed him as a second for his WCC match vs Karpov in Seville in 1987. After a few more matches, in the spring of 1995 Azmaiparashvili received the news that Kasparov was going to fire him. He was mad at Garry, but also extremely worried about his future and that of his family.

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Silvio Danailov tweeted:

20161001_CAS_BCF“Yesterday Bulgarian Chess Federation sent appeal to CAS against the abusive&illegal @ECUonline decision,result of Makro&friends #FIDE political&personal revenge”




Questions to FIDE Treasurer

Dear Mr Siegel,

Hope you keeping well.

I read with interest your explanations to Peter Doggers in about FIDE expenses and current financial situation. I have question to you related to this matter which I will raise during the GA in Baku, so you can start preparing your answer.

Last year FIDE had 187.883€ legal expenses with budgeted 30.000€. Why is that? Let me explain if you aren’t informed properly.


On the end of 2014 the new ECU management started case of pure political and personal revenge against myself and my colleagues from the previous team. They went to FIDE Ethic commission who accepted the case with joy, without having any knowledge or jurisdiction to the ECU matters. Anyway, that’s not important. What’s really important is when we appealed in CAS, ECU dropped the case declaring they won’t go further. The result was FIDE covered the expenses of the case , my guess is around 100.000€.

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Breaking news! Big scandal!

20160808_motion_july15Makro&friends “FIDE” ignored on purpose and didn’t include on the agenda the official motion for impeachment of the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov sent by Jamaica CF.

As everyone can see, the motion prepared by Jamaica Chess Federation was sent on time and is completely legal. According to FIDE Statutes, the motion has to be included in the agenda of the FIDE General Assembly in Baku by law. However, that didn’t happen. Why? What Makro&friends are afraid of to break the law and FIDE statutes in such a shameful way?

Download file in pdf >>> He Can Play Well, Too

By Samuel Shankland

20160731_silvio_danailov_and_kasparovObviously the title of this article does not refer to the man on the right in the photo above — Garry Kasparov, the former World Champion. Instead, this game-of-the-day feature is about the other man — Silvio Danailov, the manager of Veselin Topalov, another former World Champion. In the following game, Danailov beats a world-class player, and he does it easily.

Silvio Danailov is best known as the manager of Veselin Topalov, the ex-World Champion and former No. 1 ranked player, but as the following game shows, he knows a thing or two about how to play, too. His victim is a player who recently pushed his rating to 2700.


Samuel Shankland is a United States grandmaster ranked No. 7 in the country. He is a professional player and recipient of the Samford Fellowship in 2013, the most prestigious award in the United States for young chess players. He is at @GMShanky on Twitter and is also on Facebook.

Chess- Impeachment for Ilyumzhinov?

20160704_pic01Chess-News learnt that Kirsan Ilyumzhinov might face an impeachment procedure during the coming FIDE General Assembly that will take place in Baku in September. In order to do so it is necessary to collect 50% plus one delegates’ vote.

Looking back last December Ilyumzhinov temporary delegated his powers to Georgios Makropoulos and “withdrew from any legal, financial and business operations of FIDE”. It happened because of the American sanctions that USA imposed on Ilyumzhinov. However starting from that time Makropoulos hasn’t ever represented FIDE acting as a President, while Ilyumzhinov himself repeated many times that he continues to remain the leader of this international organization.

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It will be decided who is to make the exchange of the inconvenient federation on Wednesday

VLADIMIR YONCHEV | 07 June 2016 at 09:10

silvio-danailovPutin’s long arm has often been accused of any kind of things and often the accusations have sounded ridiculous. However, there is a case, where the President of Russia is strongly involved and there is also direct Bulgarian involvement in this case too.
Chess is one of the major sports in Russia. Its importance can be commeasured only with ice hockey and is much greater than the importance of football.
Chess is important not only because each Russian believes it is predestined for a Russian to be World Champion. It is important also because chess has produced the greatest Russian stars, and one of them – Gary Kasparov is the major political opponent of Vladimir Putin.

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After two years Makro&friends management, led by Tsorba&Shvili ECU is smashed down to total disaster. Damn shame!

tsorba-&-shviliMakro and friends ECU won the elections in August 2014 in Tromso after an extremely dirty and disgusting campaign, with the help of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the Russian government. The target was very clear and purely political, to avoid the election of Garry Kasparov as FIDE President and my reelection as ECU President at any cost, because we were on the same team. With not much choice, two puppets were placed to manage ECU by Makro: the well known duo Tsorba&Shvili, people without any experience in the world of chess management, but famous as excellent and faithful servants of Kirsan and Makro for many years.

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To FIDE Ethics Commission: Appeal regarding inappropriate and unethical behaviour of a FIDE official during FIDE Candidates tournament in Moscow March 2016


On April 17, 2016, President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation, Silvio Danailov and former FIDE World Champion, Veselin Topalov sent to FIDE Ethics Commission appeal regarding inappropriate and unethical behaviour of a FIDE official during the FIDE Candidates tournament in Moscow March 2016…

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