Silvio Danailov-Honorary President
of the European Chess Union

Mr. Silvio Danailov is Honorary President of the European Chess Union (ECU) since 2014 and President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation since 2011. He was President of ECU and Member of FIDE Presidential Board (2010-2014).

He was manager and coach of two former FIDE World Chess Champions – GMs Veselin Topalov and Ruslan Ponomariov.

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278138_96bdb36c_200x200o_bbbed5c169c6Earlier this week FIDE threatened to exclude the Bulgarian Chess Federation after Silvio Danailov called them “not competent and professional enough.” Meanwhile, he has appealed at CAS to a ruling from the FIDE Ethics CommissionThe last few years, Silvio Danailov, former second of GM Veselin Topalov and former president of the European Chess Union, hasn’t been best friends with FIDE officials — to put it mildly. Currently the two parties are clashing once again.
Velchev Case
It started with a letter posted on the FIDE website eight days ago, addressed to the Bulgarian Chess Federation. In the letter, sent to both Danailov (BCF president) and Nikolay Velchev (BCF executive director), information was requested about the Bulgarian chess player Ivan Tetimov.

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Virineya BairosЕсть в России республика Калмыкия со столицей Элистой, которая стала городом культурной нищеты и варварской безнравственности с приходом к власти Кирсана Илюмжинова – президента республики с 1993 по 2005, кто самолично (!) без какого-либо референдума граждан Калмыкии и России, несмотря на протесты общественности, решил сделать брендом и лицом Элисты своего кумира – вымышленного «героя» из советского наследия писателей Ильфа и Петрова – Остапа Бендера – мошенника и брачного афериста, бронзовую статую которого установили на площади Нью-Васюков – шахматной столицы мира. Столица Шахмат хоть и находится территориально в городе Элисте, но с административной точки зрения является самостоятельным муниципальным образованием, со своим гимном, гербом и с соответствующей символикой в формате «великого махинатора всех времен и народов» – Бендера.

Шахматная столица носит двойное название – официально City Chess, а неофициально – Нью-Васюки, увековечив название городка, где Бендер, представившись гроссмейстером, ограбил доверчивых местных шахматистов и сбежал. Но, несмотря на порочную репутацию Бендера, местные жители его чтят в Элисте как героя, ведь идол криминального мира стал брендом рождения новой шахматной парадигмы и сутью культурно-нравственного развития нового поколения шахматистов.

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Silvio Danailov meets with the Chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly, Mrs. Tsetska Tsacheva

On 19th of March, 2015, the Honorary President of the European Chess Union and President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation, Silvio Danailov, met with the Chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly, Mrs. Tsetska Tsacheva. They discussed the introduction of chess as a school subject in the Bulgarian education system, according to the program “Chess in school”.

Silvio-Cecka Cacheva

The meeting was attended also by the Chairman of the parliamentary Commission for Culture and Media, Mrs. Polly Karastoyanova, and MPs from all political parties represented in the Bulgarian Parliament.

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Friendly advise to Zurab: less nervousness and tourism, more work and transparency

In his recent science-fiction hilarious interview, obviously prearranged with the well known Makro&friends “FIDE” servants from ChessDom, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili attacked very hard the previous ECU management. Especially rough was Mr. Azmaiparashvili with the organizers of Budva, EYCC 2013, calling them „thieves“ and directly accusing them of stealing money from the Montenegro Chess Federation.


Less nervousness and tourism, more work and transparency

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“ECU back to Europe”? No, unfortunately ECU is back to Makro&friends “FIDE”

untitled“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” Chinese proverb

“ECU back to Europe” is in charge of ECU six months already. What they promised and what they have done so far?

ECU office. “ECU back to Europe” promised office in London, Monaco or Istanbul. Finally the office is in Tbilisi as expected. By the way, nobody have seen so far even one picture of that office and nobody knows who is working there and who is covering the expenses.

Salary and expenses of the President. One very important corner stone of “ECU back to Europe” electoral program was the promise that the President will refuse his salary and expenses and that money will be used for Chess in School. Another lie. Finally the ECU President approved for himself 45.000€ per year.

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Silvio Danailov on what it takes to be a world champion

Episode 10 – Tradewise Gibraltar Open Chess Tournament 2015

Silvio Danailov: “Karpov Lost, Kasparov Lost, the Only One Who Remained Is Me”

I will have now more time for the Bulgarian chess and Topalov. I want the wreath of Vesko’s career to be a match for the title with Carlsen, said Danailov.

An interview by Maria Dimitrova

Silvio Danailov won a new term as head of the Bulgarian Chess Federation. During the General Assembly meeting, which was held on 13th of December, 2014 in hotel “Bankya Palace” near Sofia, the manager of Veselin Topalov received 47 votes in his favor from the present 59 delegates. The General Assembly voted him confidence again and he appealed to delegates to be united and in the future to be led only by the love to the ancient game. As Vice Presidents were elected prof. Nikolay Nedkov and Ivan Genov. The new Board members are the sociologist Vasil Tonchev, MP Vasil Antonov, Boyko Hristov and Nikolay Yordanov.


Danailov is an exceptional figure in the Bulgarian and world chess. Many call him a reformer.

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Silvio Danailov elected as Honorary President of the European Chess Union

894094b61f77670a352426b47a0d4c1cThe former ECU President Silvio Danailov was unanimously elected by the General Assembly of the organization as its Honorary President.

As you already know, on 11-th of August, 2014 in Tromso, Norway, as new ECU President was elected mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili.

Mr. Danailov congratulated the new President and his team and wished them success in the achievement of a new heights for the European chess.

Silvio Danailov was elected as Honorary President for his exceptional contribution for the elevation of the European Chess to a new, higher social level in result of its recognition by the EU Parliament and UNESCO.

Official address of the ECU President Silvio Danailov in connection with the ECU elections in Tromso

sdDear presidents,

Dear delegates,

Dear players and chess figures,

Dear friends,

Tomorrow Europe will have to make an important and wise decision about the fate the European Chess Union over the next four years. I feel it like my important responsibility to make an overview of the work done by me and my team and to share with you my vision for the future of the European chess if you decide to elect us for a second managerial mandate.


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Silvio Danailov gives an interview for the Norwegian television TV2

photoOn the 7th of August, Thursday, the ECU President and candidate for a second presidential mandate, Silvio Danailov gave an interview for the Norwegian television TV 2.

He shared with the audience his thoughts about the Chess Olympiad in Tromso, about the situation in the European Chess Union and the future of the European chess.


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