Silvio Danailov and Garry Kasparov to visit European Parliament in Strasbourg to promote Chess in School program

Silvio Danailov, President of the European Chess Union (ECU) and Garry Kasparov, the world’s most legendary chess player and Chairman of the Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe, will visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday February 15, 2012. During their visit they will promote the ‘Chess in School’ program during a seminar on the educational benefits of chess for children. Afterwards Garry Kasparov will play a simultaneous game of chess against children and members the European parliament.

The program ‘Chess in School’ is designed to promote chess in schools throughout Europe by offering chess curriculums, chess software, chess teachers and communication material to encourage and motivate children to discover and learn the game. The project “Chess in School” is a top priority in the management program of the President of the European Chess Union, Silvio Danailov, and his team. It was among the most important accents in his pre-election campaign for the Presidency of the ECU.



Seminar ‘Chess in School’

Date: Wednesday, 15-th of February, 2012

Time: 14.00h – 15.00h

Location: European Parliament Strasbourg, meeting room S 3.3


Simultaneous chess game

Date: Wednesday, 15-th of February, 2012

Time: 15.30h – 17.00h

Location: European Parliament Strasbourg, Space Bat. Liason 1st floor

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