ECU President Silvio Danailov starts a tour for promotion of the program ‘Chess in School’

Silvio Danailov, prof. J. Buzek – Ex-President of EU

ECU President Silvio Danailov starts a tour for promotion of the program ‘Chess in school’.

First stop in his tour is Vienna, Austria, where on 27th of April he will take part in seminar ‘Chess in European Schools’. Mr. Danailov will open the event, speaking on the topic “What Politicians think about Chess in Schools”.

The seminar is part of the Vienna Children Chess Festival, held by Spielend Schlauer, a non profit company specializing in chess education at primary schools, at the prestigeous museum Albertina.

The schedule of his next visits is as follows:

-          Cardiff, Wales – 28th of April;

-          Edinburgh, Scotland – 29th of April;

-          Faroe Islands – 30th of April – 1st of May;

-          Oslo, Norway – 2nd of May;

During his visits, Mr. Danailov will have official meetings with the Presidents and Boards of the national federations and with local officials. They will discuss about the future of the program ‘Chess in school’ and their collaboration for the implementation of the program among the local schools. In Faroe Islands, Mr. Danailov will have a special meeting with the Minister of Education, Research and Culture, Mr. Bjørn Kalsø. ECU President will be accompanied by the former world chess champion Veselin Topalov. The famous GM will play a simultaneous chess games during their visits in Vienna, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Faroe Islands.

On 13th of March, 2012 in Strasbourg the ECU Program ‘Chess in school’ was officially adopted by the European Parliament.

Silvio Danailov-MEP Slavi Binev-Garry Kasparov

Silvio Danailov-MEP Slavi Binev-Garry Kasparov

The Written Declaration 50/2011 for the implementation of the ‘Chess in school’ program among the schools in the European Union was signed by 415 MEPs (the needed number was 378 signatures – 50%+1 from the total number of 754 MEPs).

The official endorsement of the program is a historical success for the European chess.

The project “Chess in School” is a top priority in the management program of the President of the Eurpean Chess Union, Silvio Danailov, and his team. It was among the most important accents in his pre-election campaign for the Presidency of the ECU. 

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