Silvio Danailov visited Cardiff, Wales to promote the ECU program ‘Chess in School’

On 28th of April, 2012 ECU President Silvio Danailov visited Cardiff, Wales in order to promote the ECU program ‘Chess in School’.

The President Danailov gave a presentation to the WCU Ma- nagement Board, members  trainers and organizers.

The Head Teacher from Peterson-Super-Ely Primary School, Vale of Glamorgan was thrilled to be hosting the event.

The school has a tradition of encouraging their children to learn chess.

During the meeting Mr. Danailov met members as senior as Hugh Price from Cardiff YMCA chess club who has supported chess in Wales since 1940.

Mr. Danailov  promised future support from his contacts with great players expected to arrive in Wales in the future from around the world.

“Chess is a sport and much more” said the President.  He told of the tremendous cultural impact chess can have in society since it offers the opportunity to bring generations together, across ethnic groups and economic differences.  Chess as a sport is a great equaliser and relatively low in cost to organise. He also expressed how in Chess we do not need stadiums or golf courses, fancy footwear or expensive gear.

During his European Tour the President has been inundated with positive feedback on the social benefits Chess can have on, for instance, children with learning difficulties and physical disabilities and how wonderful it is that girls and boys can learn this international language for life.

Accompanying Mr. Danailov on his visit was former World Champion from 2005 Bulgarian Grand Master Veselin Topalov. At the end of three and a half hours play in a 25 person Simultaneous chess match the GM enthused about the high quality of games from a number of the local players.

Amongst the group playing Topalov were two current British Girls Champions U 9 and U 15 Stephanie Du Toit (Monmouth) coached by Ion Rees (Caerphilly) and Megan Owens who has won the chess scholarship to attend the prestigious Millfield School, Somerset where she is coached by an International Master.

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