Letter of support for the nomination of Mr. Milan Zver for EP member of the year in the category of culture and education

Dear Sirs,

On behalf of the European Chess Union, I would hereby like to offer strong support for the candidacy of Mr. Milan Zver for the EP Member of the Year 2012 in the category of culture and education.

Our cooperation with Mr. Zver in 2012 has been extremely successful producing extra-ordinary results. Mr. Zver is devoted to supporting the game of chess and especially to encouraging the young and the children to play chess.

Owing to these exceptional merits, the European Chess Union has bestowed its highest award upon him for outstanding contribution to making the written declaration of the European Parliament on the program “Chess in the Schools” on 15 March 2012 in Strasbourg.

The initiative for the declaration was made, among others, by the European Kasparov Chess Foundation, headed by the former champion Garry Kasparov, and it advocates the inclusion of chess in education systems in the European Union.

European Chess Family is convinced that Mr. Milan Zver fully deserves the title he has been nominated for.

                                                                                                      European Chess Union


             Belgrade, July 23, 2012                                                       Silvio Danailov


Download the letter in pdf format – ECU Letter of support for Mr. Milan Zver.pdf

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