ECU President Danailov congratulated Alisa Maric on her appointment as Minister of Youth and Sport of The Republic of Serbia

Dear Alisa,

It gave me great pleasure to receive the news of your appointment as Minister of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia.

Your new office surely represents the reward for your past results and brilliant career, but it is at the same time great acknowledgement for the whole chess family.

We are especially pleased to know that a chess Grandmaster will be Minister of Sport in the country where the European Chess Union has its current office in.

With this being said, I am convinced that your cooperation with our mutual friends Sava and Vladimir will be successful and to the benefit of chess, particularly the young to whom we dedicate our special attention.

On behalf of the European chess family and myself, I wish to extend our warmest congratulations.

Yours sincerely,

Silvio Danailov

European Chess Union President


Download the letter in pdf format – ECU letter- Alisa Maric

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