The talisman of the European Chess Union, Ching van Berkenbroeck, wins strong eventing tournament

The talisman of the European Chess Union Ching van Berkenbroeck and his rider Christian Valev won the strong international eventing tournament CCI 1 *.  The competition was held from 26-28 April, 2013 in Shumen, Bulgaria with the participation of 50 elite horses and riders from Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

The President of the European Chess Union, Silvio Danailov, congratulated the champions and commented their success: “Ching and Christian are born champions and they fit very well the image of the European Chess Union and its federations, which bring the spirit of winners and organize some of the most prestigious events in the world of chess. Eventing best meets the various tests offered by the game of chess. There is something symbolic in the fact that only two days after the victory of Ching and Christian, Veselin Topalov won the Grand Prix in Zug, Switzerland. Topalov is the only grandmaster who has ridden Ching van Berkenbroeck.

Eventing is the most complete combined competition, which requires from the athletes extensive experience in all disciplines of riding and precise knowledge of the capabilities of his horse, and the level of training of the horse, resulting from correct and rational learning. Eventing consists of three separate tests: dressage, cross country test and jumping.

About Christian Valev and Ching van Berkenbroeck

Ching van Berkenbroeck became mascot of the European Chess Union last year during the friendly chess match between Sofia and Zagreb, which was held on May 27-28, 2012 in Bankya, Bulgaria. Then the President of the European Chess Union, Silvio Danailov, gave the official certificate to Ching’s owner Yuri Vulev in the presence of the mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandic.

Ching van Berkenbroeck was born on 1st July in Belgium and he is the representative of the famous local breed BWP. He comes from one of the most famous Belgian stables and his grandfather was the Olympic champion in show jumping in 1996. His rider Christian Valev defines him as very a temperamental, strong and energetic jumper. They have been competing together since 2008 and their qualities and excellent harmony have made them one of the most successful tandems of the Bulgarian equestrian sport. In 2010 they became Youth Champions of Bulgaria and won bronze medal at the Grand Prix in Campina, Romania. The next year Ching van Berkenbroeck and his rider won the 4th place at a cycle of the World Cup and bronze medal at the International tournament for show jumping in Magna Racino, Austria. During the Balkan Championship in Zagreb, Croatia they finished in the third place in the team prize category. Ching van Berkenbroeck and his rider Christian Valev are part of the national team of Bulgaria.

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