Great success of the ECU Board Meeting in Spain

The ECU Board Meeting in Spain had a great success and attracted big interest of the local authorities and society in Galicia. It was held on September 16-17, 2013 in Talaso Atlántico Hotel, near the town of Baiona.  During the meeting the ECU Board took many important decisions in connection with the future of the European chess.

The organizers from the marketing sports events agency IdeArte made the stay of the ECU Board members in Galicia very pleasant. They also organized many supporting Board meeting events.

On 16th September, the Vigo Chess Party started. It was opened at 2 p.m. with a simultaneous chess event, which took place in Calle del Príncipe. More than 300 people (children and adults) participated or followed the event. The simultaneous games were played by famous Spanish chess players: GM Iván Salgado, Spanish champion 2013, GM David Lariño, Spanish rapid champion 2013, IM Jacobo Caselas, Coruña, IM Rafael Rodríguez, Vigo, FM Antonio Gude, Vigo and CM Avelino Leirós, Vigo – senior Galician champion.

Later at 6 p.m. at the Museum Marco the ECU President Mr. Silvio Danailov and Mr. Antonio Gude, chess expert and writer of 25 chess books and 7 bestsellers, lectured about the program “Chess in Schools”. Mr. Chus Lago, sports councillor, Mrs. Bertila Fernández, Foampas, Mr. Francisco Barcia, educational expert and university teacher also took part in the seminar. One hundred and twelve chess players, chess figures, educational and sports experts attended the seminar. All players, who took part in the simultaneous games, received appropriate awards.

All the speakers stressed the big effect which the game of chess can have on the development of children in their early age and on the process of stimulation of their motivation, imagination, logic and self control. The hosts from Spain said that the acceptance of the program “Chess in School” by the European Parliament is a great success of the European Chess Union, which will change in the future not only the European and world chess, but also the educational systems in all European states.  They added that they will work towards the implementation of the program in Spanish schools and that they will be very excited to see this program working.

Many articles published in all Spanish newspapers covered the chess simultaneous games, the seminar and the program “Chess in School” of the European Chess Union.

After the seminar, the Vigo City Council organised a cocktail party at Pazo Quiñones de León for the ECU Board members and all chess friends.  The ECU President officially thanked the hosts and organizers for the great organization.

The organizers from IdeArte arranged for their guests from the ECU Board a rich program with supporting events. They declared that they are very satisfied with the visit of the ECU Board members and they will candidate for hosting a big chess tournament of the European Chess Union.


All this wouldn’t be possible without the help of international chess club Xadrez Galego, Federación Veciñal “Eduardo Chao”, international caning technology company Hermasa, Talaso Atlántico Hotel, travel agency Viajes Abramar, Spanish fish agency Anfaco, Ayuntamiento de Vigo, Los Abetos Restaurant.


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