ECU President Silvio Danailov meets with the President of the football club Real Madrid, Florentino Perez

On 30th of November, Saturday, the ECU President Silvio Danailov met with the President of the football club Real Madrid, Mr. Florentino Perez. The meeting took place in Madrid at the stadium Santiago Bernabeu at the personal invitation of Mr. Perez. The meeting was attended also by the new world chess champion Magnus Carlsen.

They discussed various aspects of the development of modern football and chess, as well as the effect of the application of modern marketing tools to promote the sport and to attract sponsors.

Magnus Carlsen was a special guest of Real Madrid in their match against “Valladolid” (5-0) and symbolically execute the initial kick.

“Perez invited Magnus as a world champion and fan of Real Madrid and me as President of the European Chess Union. This is a great recognition for chess because the club president himself meets with very few people.”, said Silvio Danailov.

The President of Real Madrid advised Silvio Danailov to use the moment to continue the development of chess. “According to Perez for the first time in chess there is a galactic star – a young player who is charismatic. It is well known that he loves to use the term “galactic”. He said chess needs to find global corporate sponsors.”, said also ECU President.

According to Danailov Florentino Perez has followed the interest of Real Madrid. “His aim is to attract the attention of the chess community.”, Danailov added.

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