Silvio Danailov and Garry Kasparov meet with the Spanish State Secretary of Education, Montserrat Gomendio

On 25th of February, 2014, the ECU President Silvio Danailov and the candidate for FIDE President, Garry Kasparov, met with the Spanish State Secretary of Education, Montserrat Gomendio in the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Madrid.


The meeting was held in connection with the joint project of the European Chess Union and Kasparov Chess Foundation, “Chess in school” with purpose to explain the advantages of chess as an educational tool and to present the program.


During the meeting they talked about the current experiences that are taking place in some regions of Spain such as Galicia (Redondela), Catalonia or Canary Islands. The Spanish State Secretary of Education expressed the aim of the Ministry to participate in the CIS program in order to promote and inform the regions about how to implement it.

It was mentioned the example of other countries where chess has proved to be an excellent educational tool to solve children problems like school failure, etc. аnd also to improve a lot of competencies like responsibility of their actions, mathematical reasoning, language comprehension, social integration.

Besides, the ECU President Silvio Danailov and Mr. Manuel Fernández, Chancellor of the University of Vigo singed a general agreement for collaboration in order to develop a plan to train school teachers to become a “chess teachers”.


Other participnats in the meeting was: Mr. Javier Bas (Major of Redondela), Mr. Manuel Vila (Deputy Director of Management and Educational Innovation and Teacher Training of Galicia), Ms. Sara Rodríguez (Marketing Manager ECU), Mr. Roberto Páramos (ECU Delegate), Ms. Teresa París (Councilwoman for Education) and Mr. Miguel Ángel Vidal (High School Teacher of Redondela).


Silvio Danailov stressed on the very important place, which chess can have in the modern education. According to him “it is just a matter of time, chess to become part of the educational system of the new Europe”. “Chess has unique qualities – it is unusual combination between sport, education, culture and science.” – said also Mr. Danailov.

The Mayor of Redondela, Mr. Javier Bas said that in their short experience they have proved that children who attend chess classes, improve a lot of their skills in contrast to those who don’t attend chess classes.


Mr. Danailov gave a special interview to Salvador Valdes in the TV show “La aventura del saber” of the “La 2″ Spanish TV channel. You could watch it on 11th March, 2014 at 10am.

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