An interview with Mr. Joran Aulin-Jansson “JJ” – President of the Norwegian Chess Federation and Deputy President in Silvio Danailov’s ticket for the ECU Presidential Elections’2014

1Q: How did you decide to join the ticket of Mr.Silvio Danailov?

A: I was asked by my good friend Silvio to join him. It took me some time to accept, but now I have a good feeling about it.

Q: What are the most competitive advantages of your team?

A: Experience and willingness to look into new ideas.

Q: What would you say about the other members of Mr.Danailov’s ticket?

A: I met Mr. Horst Metzing first time in Dresden 2008, and many times after that. He has valuable experience working for German and European chess for many years.

Miss Sava Stojisavljevic is an experienced arbiter in spite of her young age and a great administrator of chess.

Mr. Almog Burstein has kept the accounts in good order, and is also very experienced.

Mr. Silvio Danailov is a serious person working hard for the benefit of chess.

I look forward to work closely with these people!

Q: You are currently President of the Norwegian Chess Federation, which is very successful federation. What successful experience and initiatives from Norway you will bring to the European Chess Union if Mr.Silvio Danailov becomes ECU President for a second time?

A: I am not sure our federation is more successful than others. Without Magnus, we would be struggling as almost every other federation. The most important is what we experienced with the TV broadcast of the World Championship match. After this, the interest for chess exploded in Norway and suddenly access to politicians and potential sponsors became easier.

Q: Did these moves from your side contribute for the transformation of Magnus Carlsen into the King of the world chess? Is this the way to make more stars?

A: Magnus Carlsen has a number of very good helpers in Norway, but the main honor for his success is Magnus Carlsen. The credit for our situation is mainly based upon Magnus Carlen’s success, and many people giving their spare time working for chess in Norway.

Q: You have worked for 13 years for the Norwegian school system. How will this experience help you for the future development of the European chess?

A: Teaching chess to children is very rewarding. I believe that kids benefit immensely on this, and that governments should involve themselves more with this. Also, the federations in countries with similar school system should work together and try to create a uniform teaching system.

Q: What will be your first priority to work on if your team wins the forthcoming elections and why?

A: My first priority will be to get TV to take a greater interest in chess, and improve their coverage of tournaments. It’s a matter of getting all the drama in chess out to the viewers. Only after we achieve a steady and high number of viewers, we can offer value for money to the sponsors. I don’t mind “rich uncles”, but sometimes I wonder if chess maybe would have been more developed towards professional sponsor without.

Q: What will be your motto if you become elected Deputy President of the European Chess Union?

A: “Chess for all, and all for chess”



Born 13 Dec. 1961
Lives in Oslo
Married, no children
Fide rating: 2235

13 years in Norwegian school system, still in “School of life”


1983-85 Office clerk at Det Norske Veritas
1985-87 Sales rep for Wiggins Teape Norway AS
1988-93 CEO of Bethien Norway AS
1993-now CEO of Jansson & Bjelke AS

More than 10 years as a member of the board for Norwegian employers union – Graphic industry, 3 of them as President.

20 positions in board of directors within various businesses and organizations in the past and present.

Learned chess in 1969, played ever since.
President of the Norwegian Chess Federation since 2007, and numerous positions in Norwegian chess from 1977.

Why do I join Mr. Danailovs ticket?
I respect the work that has been done and hope to contribute in a positive way. Chess in media is my first priority.






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