Our team is really experienced at European level

Horst MetzingAn interview with Mr. Horst Metzing – a long-standing General Secretary of the German Chess Federation and the European Chess Union and Vice President in Silvio Danailov’s ticket for the ECU Presidential Elections’2014 


Q: How did you decide to become a member of Mr. Danailov’s ticket for the ECU Presidential Elections in Tromso, Norway?

A: Silvio Danailov had asked me at the beginning of this year to join his ticket. It was not an easy decision because I know from my previous times that working seriously for ECU means spending a lot of time. I consulted the German Chess Federation and my wife and finally agreed to serve ECU once more. By the way, as I have retired from the Board of my federation I will be able to spend more time for ECU.

European chess has been my topic during all the time of my professional career.  I know that European chess is cause for Mr. Danailov too. Maybe you have heard one of his favorite sentences, which he uses to describe his attitude to chess: “Chess is my job, chess is my hobby, chess is my life…and much more than that – chess is my dream”. I appreciate very much such a devotion, because this is the only way for chess to have better future, to be lifted to a new level.

Silvio Danailov has already succeeded in that – even his most  fierce opponents agreed that he had a great success in his efforts to have chess recognized by the European Parliament. Now chess has the opportunity to be much more than just a sport in people’s minds. We have to realize that this is a stable and excellent basis to build this better future of chess, which all of us want so much.

This is the reason why I decided to serve ECU once again, this is the reason why I agreed to work with Silvio.

Q: Why Vice President?

A: The tasks of the Vice President are not fixed yet. The final decision about my duties and responsibilities will be taken by the Board. I am quite experienced in all kind of ECU activities. I will be very satisfied to work also for the development of new fields for ECU like for example international relations, new sources for financing, recognition of chess as world cultural heritage, etc.

Q: You have a huge experience like Secretary General of the German Chess Federation and the European Chess Union. What exactly from your rich experience you will introduce to the future ECU management if you become a Vice President?

A: I served for 37 years as Secretary General of the German Chess Federation and 12 years in the ECU Board. I would be prepared to support the ECU management. Time management seems to be very important for all Board members. One of the most essential issues is the cooperation within the Board in order to avoid misunderstandings and lack of information.

The new tasks of our team will require new processes and organization within ECU. I believe my vast experience could be very helpful in resolving of this issues.

Q: The German Chess Bundesliga is among the strongest and most popular club championships in the world. Will you use the secrets of its success in the future ECU management? Share with us some of them.

A: I fully agree with you, the German Bundesliga is one of the most fantastic and strongest club events. But not because of the German Chess Federation. This league can only be attractive since the clubs spend a lot of money and succeed in convincing top players to come to Germany. The national federation can only be in charge of the organizational conditions. Maybe we can use the experiences of our clubs for improving the system of the European Club Cup.

Q:  Try to describe with one word your colleagues from the ticket.

A: It is not easy to do it in one word, but I will try it (more or less):

Silvio Danailov – will, courage and professionalism.

JJ – successful president and media guru.

Almog Burstein – wisdom and experience.

Sava Stojisavljevic – calm allrounder of the team and experienced manager.

Q:  You are highly educated in administration. Will this be your main focus of work if you become elected as ECU Vice President – administration with German precision?

A: Administration is important for a sports organization, but we should not forget that our main goal is chess. A well-structured administration will help being successful. German thoroughness has to be mixed with various national cultures in order to get common European working conditions.

Q:  Why Silvio Danailov’s team has to win the Presidential Elections?

A: Our team is really experienced at European level. It would be a pity not to win the elections.

Silvio Danailov did a lot and built a stable basis for the future development of the European chess. He needs a second term as ECU President to finish the excellent work he has done.

Q:  What will be your motto if you become ECU Vice President?

A: Chess is more than … (e. g. football/tennis/sport)



Born 27 February 1948

Education: College of Administration Berlin (Germany)

Languages: German (native), English and French


1967 to 1975 Administration Official of the Senate of Berlin

1976 to 2007 Secretary General of the German Chess Federation

2007 to 2013 Secretary General and Sports Director of the German Chess Federation

1998 to 2010 Secretary General of the European Chess Union

International Arbiter and International Organizer of FIDE


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