Silvio Danailov and his team implement a new revolutionary marketing concept for content sharing called CHESS CLOUD MEDIA


Silvio Danailov and his team have developed a new revolutionary marketing concept for content sharing called Chess Cloud Media, which will be implemented with the help of the national chess federations. Chess Cloud Media is expected to improve the marketing of the European Chess Union by integration of the federations’ advertising resources. This integration will cause achievement of bigger audience and thus attraction of more sponsors.

What is Chess Cloud Media?

The concept for Chess Cloud Media (CCM) is a new and revolutionary way of understanding and synchronization of the websites of all 54 member federations of the European Chess Union as a single cloud informational portal. In this cloud portal the websites involved will continue to implement their specific local functions to inform their audience about things related to the activity of the concrete chess federation, but they will be „loaded“with one new international task – to inform about events and activities from other parts of Eurasia and about events and activities important for the European Chess Union.

Why use Chess Cloud Media

CCM concept will significantly increase the advertising opportunities offered by the European chess proposing “local price” for “international coverage”, becoming fragmented by countries audience united and large general audience of the European Chess Union. For the sponsors is not the same to have an audience of 50,000 people, or to have an audience of 500,000.

Proper organization and operation of the CCM will significantly enhance sponsorship interest and will attract many new and “fluctuating” sponsors to invest in the development of chess within the territory of the European Chess Union.

Schemes of CCM functioning  

In terms of content, the direction of development of CCM should be carried out in two areas – advertising and informational, including banners and controlled content like articles, interviews, reports, presentations of companies, etc.

In terms of the manner of sharing of content, there are the following two approaches:

Pay for sharing

In this approach the respective federation will pay to the other sites from the cloud a percentage of the sponsorship for the publication of the advertising and PR information.

Free solidarity

The advertising information will be published free of charge to other sites from the cloud, according to the principle of solidarity – providing your own resources to others for free and using their resources for free when you need that.

According to the scope of coverage of the advertising material exists independently or in parallel the following two options: partial or full coverage of the potential audience. This means that the advertising material may be published in several or all of the sites from the cloud, depending on the specific informational needs.

 *) Cloud – This is an IT term meaning the use of shared resources, software or information, as provided to computers and other devices on the network (by the Internet).

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