Silvio Danailov meets with the President of the Italian Chess Federation, Mr. Gianpietro Pagnoncelli

On 21st of May, 2014 in Milan, the ECU President Silvio Danailov met with the Presidеnt of the Italian Chess Federation, Mr. Gianpietro Pagnoncelli. In a pleasant conversation at the office of the Italian Chess Federation they discussed the work done by Silvio Danailov and his team during the last 4 years.


Silvio Danailov expressed his special thanks to Mr. Pagnoncelli for his great contribution in mobilization of the Italian members of the European Parliament during the campaign for adoption of the ECU program “Chess in School”. As we have already informed you the Italian MEP, Mr. Mario Mauro, was among the most active deputies, who supported the efforts of Mr. Danailov.

Both Presidents discussed also the new joint project between ECU and UNESCO, “Chess as UNESCO intangible world heritage”. Silvio Danailov proposed one member of the commission, which will be responsible for this topic, to be elected by the Italian Chess Federation. Mr. Pagnoncelli said that this will be decided on the next ICF Board meeting.

ECU President congrtulated Mr. Gianpietro Pagnoncelli for his sucessful 10-year career as President of the Italian Chess Federation, at the beginning of which Italy had just 2 grandmasters. Now ICF can be proud with 11 GMs, one of them, Fabiano Caruana is currently No 5 in the world. Silvio Danailov congratulated Mr. Pagnoncelli also for the acceptance of the ICF for a member of the Italian Olympic Committee rightly aloud. This achievement happened for the first time in the history of chess.

Mr. Pagnoncelli awarded the ECU President with two commemorative medals.

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