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I am proud to be part of the best European chess team

Interview with Boyko Hristov, Press Director of the European Chess Union

How did you join the team of Silvio Danailov?

I met Silvio Danailov in 2010 in Sofia close before the start of the World Chess Championship match Anand-Topalov when I started to work with the Bulgarian Chess Federation.  He invited me to head the press office of the championship. Soon after the end of this great event he invited me to be part of his team for the upcoming ECU elections.


I will never forget what impressive event was the match between Anand and Topalov. It was the sporting event of the year – almost everybody in Bulgaria was interested in it. There was a great number of Bulgarian and foreign journalists accredited to cover the match. The biggest Bulgarian media was our informational partners, every day the Bulgarian National Television broadcasted long reports from the venue of the match.  Every day I was asked for information from journalists around the world.

There was a great atmosphere! Especially for the match to Bulgaria came one of the most brilliant world minds – the Noble Prize winner in economics, prof. Robert Mundell, worldwide known like the “Father of the Euro”. Prof. Mundell is close friend of Silvio Danailov and big fan of Veselin Topalov.

I perceive the beginning of my work with the Bulgarian Chess Federation as something naturally, because although I’ve never been а chess player, chess has always been my main hobby – even for a while I was playing chess for one of the most famous chess clubs in Sofia at that time.

I’ve studied very seriously the chess theory from the books of Nimzowitsch and from  the games of the big champions (the great battles Spassky-Fischer, Karpov-Kasparov, etc.) with my father, who was my first chess teacher. My idol still remains Bobby Fischer.

Now I feel myself really happy that my hobby was transformed into very serious part of my life, that I have the rare opportunity to work with one of the best world chess managers, Silvio Danailov and to be part from such a great organization like the European Chess Union.

How do you evaluate the public relations activities of the European Chess Union?

We‘ve done a lot of work over the past four years. We created and maintain a large flow of information regarding the activities of the European Chess Union and the national chess federations. Our newsletter promotes the European chess around the world – it reaches more than 4000 end point recipients – federations, journalists, chess figures, partners and potential sponsors from all over the world. We actively use the ECU website and the social networks. We constantly organize events, with some of which we managed to attract the interest of some influential international media.

But by far our biggest image success was the lobbying campaign for adoption of the ECU program “Chess in school” by the European Parliament. I don’t know yet if all fully understand how important is this recognition for the future of the European and world chess.

What about the personal image of Mr. Danailov and the members of his team in connection with the upcoming elections?

Silvio Danailov is a globally recognized elite manager with excellent professional image. In his recent letter of support for Silvio Danailov, the famous member of the European Parliament, Mr. Milan Zver, said that one of the most important reasons for the success of the program “Chess in school” is due to the excellent professional and personal reputation of Silvio Danailov and his strong strategic vision and great managerial skills. And this is 100 % true – the excellent reputation of Mr. Danailov has built a new very high level of acceptance of the organization by some of the most important world institutions like: the European Parliament, UNESCO, governments, state presidents and elite organizations worldwide. Today, the European Chess Union is their preferred partner.

Mr. Danailov is also very respectable in Bulgaria – he and the Director-General of UNESCO, Mrs. Irina Bokova are the only two Bulgarians, who run important international institutions.

In addition I would like to say that Silvio Danailov enjoys the support of his excellent team – Sava, Almog, JJ and Horst – people with excellent biography, abilities and reputation.  Sava managed brilliantly the ECU office during the last 4 years and will be again a brilliant General Secretary; JJ is an excellent organizer of two top world chess events – the forthcoming Olympiad in Tromso and the strongest world chess tournament – No Logo Norway Chess; Almog is very wise and experienced treasurer, respectable chess arbiter and organizer; Horst is one of the most respectable world chess professionals with 12 years of successful experience like ECU General Secretary.

This is the right team, which the European Chess Union really needs! And I am proud to be part of it!

Speaking about the image do you think it can bring for ECU more than publicity?

Yes, of course. In the present world the better image very often means more money.

Some people deliberately forget that the adoption of the program “Chess in school” means that in very near future the European Union will organize special financial funds for the implementation of the program among the European schools. These funds will be available not only for the member countries of the EU. Then all schools, local authorities, ministries and national federations will be able to apply for European funding. Tell me when other time this has happened?

And just one more short example – two municipalities – the Spanish Redondela and the Bulgarian Slivnitsa trusted in the European Chess Union and signed a twinning memorandum in order to develop the ECU program “Chess in school”. Very soon, with the support of the European Chess Union, they will apply a common chess project for European funding. This is a new and excellent source for new fresh money for the European chess. The development of this source will be one of our main activities during our next mandate.

Tell us more about your future plans if Mr. Danailov be elected for a second mandate like President of the European Chess Union?

Our team has developed a very detailed marketing and PR plan for our second mandate.

You are already familiar with some of our ideas, others you will find out during our campaign. I will only remind you our idea called Chess Cloud Media, which is a new revolutionary marketing concept for content sharing, which will transform the websites of the 54 national federations into one unified informational platform.

I will reveal now and something new – we have started a process for cooperation with NATO, which in our opinion will be very interesting and beneficial for the European chess.

Of course, we are planning many other things, but you will be informed about them during our campaign.

How do you evaluate the PR campaigns of the participants in the FIDE and ECU elections?

We believe that we have to run our campaign in positive way – to inform the federations about our plans and to show them why we think they have to vote for us.

I can’t say the same about our opponents. They use every opportunity to make offensive and aggressive PR against us. Of course, this is their right.

But I have learned from my rich professional experience that at the end the offensive and aggressive PR always eats its master.





Mr. Boyko Hristov (born on 19th of May, 1973 in Sofia) is popular Bulgarian PR professional.

He has 15 years of local and international experience in the field of public relations, marketing and advertisement.

Boyko Hristov has rich experience as a lecturer at seminars on public relations, author of publications on PR and advertisement and holds certificates for specialization in the field of public relations from Washington D.C., USA and specializations in the field of high technologies (Cisco Networking Academy and others).


He graduated from the Faculty of Slavic Philology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski “, with subject Czech language and literature. Later at the same university, finished postgraduate qualifications in Applied Informatics and International Relations.

At the present Mr. Hristov manages own PR agency – No Limits Group Ltd.

In his career Boyko Hristov has worked in various positions, some of which are: Director of Directorate “Public Relations, IT and Protocol” of the Bulgarian Ministry of Health, Press Secretary of the General Manager of the Public Transport Company – Sofia, Head of the PR department of the Bulgarian gas company Overgas Inc., PR Director at the PR Agency “Civitas Global Ketchum” – Bulgaria and others. He has worked on the advertising, PR and marketing strategies for some of the best known local and international brands (IBM, Citroen, etc.), political parties and their campaigns.

Before that he worked as a journalist at one of the biggest private Bulgarian TV channels – NOVA TV and other media.

Hristov has extensive experience gained in various areas, such as: utilities, corporate clients (IT, gas industry, automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, logistics and spedition, etc.), health, public administration, political parties and campaigns, show business, NGOs, education, tourism, sports, arts, individual clients and others.

He has also headed working groups and tender committees on various projects, including of: the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development and others.

Currently he is Chairman of the media committee of the Bulgarian Chess Federation.

Scenario-writer and co-director of film for the metropolitan public transport of Bulgaria – “The Center”.

Boyko Hristov was part of the Rotarian movement in Bulgaria.


Boyko Hristov was one of the most famous Bulgarian models in the past. In 1996 he became “Mister Bulgaria” and represented his country in the world-famous international beauty contest “Mr. World”.

He was a model of world-famous designers and brands like: Gianfranco Ferré („Russian Winter“ Collection), Hugo Boss, etc.

He is experienced photographer.

Speaks Czech and English languages.


 The full text and the biography of Boyko Hristov could be downloaded from here:

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