“ECU back to Europe”? No, unfortunately ECU is back to Makro&friends “FIDE”

untitled“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” Chinese proverb

“ECU back to Europe” is in charge of ECU six months already. What they promised and what they have done so far?

ECU office. “ECU back to Europe” promised office in London, Monaco or Istanbul. Finally the office is in Tbilisi as expected. By the way, nobody have seen so far even one picture of that office and nobody knows who is working there and who is covering the expenses.

Salary and expenses of the President. One very important corner stone of “ECU back to Europe” electoral program was the promise that the President will refuse his salary and expenses and that money will be used for Chess in School. Another lie. Finally the ECU President approved for himself 45.000€ per year.

Sponsorship. “ECU back to Europe” promised total sponsorship of 400.000€ for four years from Bank of Georgia, the milestone of their electoral program. Finally that lie was too obvious even for them and they was forced to decrease it and announced sponsorship of 200.000€ for four years, 50.000€ per year. Nobody really knows if the first 50.000€ for 2014 was transferred to the ECU bank account or not, my guess is not. I am betting that these 50.000€ will be paid maximum the first year (which I seriously doubt too) and then somehow this will be “forgotten”.

Staff. Unfortunately ECU has right now the most incompetent General Secretary in its history. This extremely negative person become famous because he called himself “I am FIDE” during the recent Under 16 Olympiad in Hungary last year. Also, he delivered to himself the highest amount of expenses for General Secretary ever – 20.000€ per year. For example, the first two years of our management Sava Stoisavljevic was receiving 5000€ for expenses per year, the same as Horst Metzing before. The question is, why the European federations have to pay 38.000€ per year for such an incompetent and useless General Secretary?

Summarizing: So far “ECU back to Europe” doesn’t fulfill no one of its electoral promises. ECU’s most important and brilliant action for the moment was to hire an amateur student Greek lawyer and to order her to ask FIDE Ethics Commission for three years ban from chess for Sava, Vladimir and me. Real shame. The second great achievement of the new ECU management was to abolish Sofia Rule in all European individual championships. Obviously they want to destroy everything we have created. Welcome to the chess of the 19th century.

Having in mind that we left them a lot of money and completely organized calendar for 2015 they can live quietly this year. The troubles will start the next year, because you can’t organize all the ECU events in Georgia, it will be ridiculous. I am not mentioning PR, marketing or CIS strategy because they simply don’t exist in their vocabulary.

Some people will realize very soon that is one thing to be the whole life servants of Makro and Kirsan and other completely different is to manage ECU. Anyway, the most important mission was accomplished – ECU almost doesn’t exist these days, lost completely its independency and totally under the FIDE control. The obvious conclusion is that ECU is not back to Europe, ECU is back to Makro & friends “FIDE”. Congrats and good luck!


Silvio Danailov,

Madrid, February 15, 2015


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