After two years Makro&friends management, led by Tsorba&Shvili ECU is smashed down to total disaster. Damn shame!

tsorba-&-shviliMakro and friends ECU won the elections in August 2014 in Tromso after an extremely dirty and disgusting campaign, with the help of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the Russian government. The target was very clear and purely political, to avoid the election of Garry Kasparov as FIDE President and my reelection as ECU President at any cost, because we were on the same team. With not much choice, two puppets were placed to manage ECU by Makro: the well known duo Tsorba&Shvili, people without any experience in the world of chess management, but famous as excellent and faithful servants of Kirsan and Makro for many years.

At the very beginning the only aim of the new ECU management was to fight against their colleagues from the previous team, and more specifically against Sava, Sakotic and myself. It was a very dirty fight, by the way, full of lies, slander and fake accusations. The ECU office have produced numerous pieces of fake evidence and fake documents to convince the chess community that we are criminals.

Anyway, fighting against me and Vladimir is fine; we can defend ourselves. However, to fight against Sava, who is a lady, is total moral degradation. The most incompetent ECU secretary in history Tsorbatzoglou even went to Novi Sad, Sava’s home town, to blackmail and order the President of Serbian Chess Federation to exclude Sava from any chess activities in Serbia. You can’t go lower in life; this is a terrible disgrace.

Tsorba&ShviliBearing in mind that Tsorba&Shvili are completely impotent and couldn’t bring even a single new idea to the world of chess, they tried very hard to prove how terribly badly we had managed ECU before them. So, fighting against us over the last two years, Tsorba and Shvili completely forgot to work for ECU and organized the two worst ECU championships in history: Chakvi (Georgia) last year and most recently Gjakova (Kosovo). We all remember the disaster in Chakvi, but this was nothing compared to Gjakova. One small example is the quote from the Facebook post of Daniil Dubov, a Russian GM who participated in Gjakova, among many others complaints.

“Daniil Dubov Facebook
Just wanted to say that now it’s hard to believe that some of us were disappointed about the level of organization of European championship in Jerusalem. Wrong food, wrong area of city, expenses… How about 2 weeks without hot or cold (first time see such thing) water, guys?
Thanks to the citizens anyway – they were doing their best to help us.
Nice to see that people keep being friendly and do not follow some political statements very much, but water does not become hotter or colder because of that.
Just curious: where exactly EICC should be placed to force most of us to ignore it?

If you check the ECU calendar carefully, you can see that not one future ECU event is taking place in Western Europe, everything is in Greece, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Belarus, etc. etc. It’s logical, what decent and self-respecting organizer would like to deal with Tsorba&Shvili? The answer is simple, no one. Of course, the most profitable ECU events as the youth championships are all in hands of Makro&friends.

20160608_pic1 20160608_pic2
20160608_pic3 20160608_pic4_paco


I am not mentioning the complete absence of marketing, PR, chess in school or any other kind of strategy, because nobody was expecting that from those puppets. I am also not mentioning the well-known pre election promises and lies of Tsorba&Shvili team for sponsorship, ECU offices in London and Monaco, or the refusal of salaries – all that crap which they produced before the elections in Tromso.

What nobody was expecting was that one of the duo Tsorba&Shvili would hire his wife to work in ECU and the other one would entertain himself with his mistress in the swimming pool in the Four Seasons hotel in Moscow at FIDE expense. You can find more details about the adventures of the new ECU playboy here:

But what can you do? Sometimes the puppets and servants forget who they really are and start to take themselves seriously.

All of this story reminds me of the old Chinese proverb: “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

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