He Can Play Well, Too

By Samuel Shankland

20160731_silvio_danailov_and_kasparovObviously the title of this article does not refer to the man on the right in the photo above — Garry Kasparov, the former World Champion. Instead, this game-of-the-day feature is about the other man — Silvio Danailov, the manager of Veselin Topalov, another former World Champion. In the following game, Danailov beats a world-class player, and he does it easily.

Silvio Danailov is best known as the manager of Veselin Topalov, the ex-World Champion and former No. 1 ranked player, but as the following game shows, he knows a thing or two about how to play, too. His victim is a player who recently pushed his rating to 2700.


Samuel Shankland is a United States grandmaster ranked No. 7 in the country. He is a professional player and recipient of the Samford Fellowship in 2013, the most prestigious award in the United States for young chess players. He is at @GMShanky on Twitter and is also on Facebook.

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