Questions to FIDE Treasurer

Dear Mr Siegel,

Hope you keeping well.

I read with interest your explanations to Peter Doggers in about FIDE expenses and current financial situation. I have question to you related to this matter which I will raise during the GA in Baku, so you can start preparing your answer.

Last year FIDE had 187.883€ legal expenses with budgeted 30.000€. Why is that? Let me explain if you aren’t informed properly.


On the end of 2014 the new ECU management started case of pure political and personal revenge against myself and my colleagues from the previous team. They went to FIDE Ethic commission who accepted the case with joy, without having any knowledge or jurisdiction to the ECU matters. Anyway, that’s not important. What’s really important is when we appealed in CAS, ECU dropped the case declaring they won’t go further. The result was FIDE covered the expenses of the case , my guess is around 100.000€.

So, my question to you is why FIDE have paid very expensive ECU case in CAS and why you as treasurer permitted that?

This is totally unacceptable. It’s well known that was a lot of pressure from FIDE Deputy president Makropoulos who is still pushing FIDE Ethic Commission to go further with the case to help his ECU friends.

So, my second question to you is: Who gave you the order to cover the ECU case in CAS, Makropolus? Or you decided by yourself?

Hope to see you in Baku very soon.

Best regards,
Silvio Danailov

P.S. One more thing, almost forgot. The company “IT WebiA OU” owned by Makropoulos close friend George Mastrokoukos got €30.020 from FIDE in 2014, who did not budget for 2015 but had another €30.052 in expenses. Can you please explain why is that and what servises exactly this company provided to FIDE?

Download pdf – CAS2015/A/4062 – link >>>

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