The four pillars of the successful European Chess Union, according to Silvio Danailov

 Silvio Danailov will offer to the “Father of the Euro”, Professor Robert Mundell  to become the first goodwill ambassador of ECU

Mr. Silvio Danailov is among the few specialists in the chess world, which have very extensive and successful experience and knowledge in the field of the chess management. We would like to offer to your attention his vision for laying the solid foundations of a new, successful European Chess Union if elected as its president:

gm Veselin Topalov, prof. Robert Mundell, Mr.Silvio Danailov

Once a year the European Chess Union will conduct a consultation in the form of a questionnaire to European chess federations in terms of the performance, management and achievements of the organization. This feedback will enable the board of ECU to knows well and to summarizes the views of the European federations and to comply with it in the process of definition of its managerial policy.

Once a year the European Chess Union will conduct free training for presidents and delegates from the European federations in terms of management, marketing and PR of chess and will issue certificates for completion of  the courses. The workshops will be led by elite specialists in management, marketing and PR.

Periodically  ECU will circulate a training  newsletter (by e-mail) to the all European federations. The members of the federations will be able to publish copyrighted materials, articles and posts in this newsletter. This will allow for a better mutual understanding between the federations, the exchange of useful experience, ideas, etc.

Mr.Silvio Danailov, prof. Robert Mundell

Ethical Code of the European Chess Union. ECU will develop (with the help of all federations, clubs of the journalists and sponsors) an Ethical Code that will regulate the ethical rules regarding relationships with sponsors, media, between federations, etc. Each party to its preparation will be required to sign and comply the Code.    

Goodwill Ambassadors. European Chess Union will engage its Goodwill Ambassadors –  popular people from the public life (with different professions and occupations) who like chess and  who will contribute to its promotion.

Silvio Danailov will offer to the Nobel Laureate in Economics for 1999 Professor Robert Mundell, known worldwide as “the spiritual father of the euro” to become the first goodwill ambassador of ECU.

As you know, Prof. Mundell is a good friend of Mr. Silvio Danailov and faithful friend of the chess game. 

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