Official address of the President of the European Chess Union, Mr.Silvio Danailov

Dear Presidents of the European chess federations,
Dear European
chess delegates,
Dear players and chess figures,
Dear journalists,
The 39-th Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk already became history, and together with it – the elections for Presidents of FIDE and the European Chess Union.

Europe made its choice – emancipated, rational, based on sober analysis, being resistant to the beautiful and unfeasible promises. Europe showed to the global chess community its wisdom, independence and desire for change.

This, of course, was only the first but most important step that we did together. From now on the achievement of our common dream, strong and rich European chess, depends only on us – chess figures and journalists, on our will and desire to work.

A fundamental principle in chess is the conquest of a new territories, it will be also our challenge – to expand the “possessions” of chess in Europe. In this challenge we will have to act with the precision of grandmasters and often perhaps forced to sacrifice quality in terms of time trouble.

But I am convinced that we all strongly believe in the possible transfiguration of our favorite game because in chess there is always a new beginning and a pawn can become a queen.

Now is the time to thank you for your confidence in my capabilities and once again to confirm that I stand behind all my election promises! I’m sure I can count on your full support and assistance to make them reality!

Europe voted for a better future for its chess and Europe will have it, because together we can!

Silvio Danailov,
President of the European Chess Union


The original document could be downloaded from here: Address of the President of the European Chess Union

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