The President of ECU Silvio Danailov was awarded with the Order of Stara Planina I-st class by the President of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov

During official ceremony the President of the European Chess Union Silvio Danailov was awarded with the highest state award – the Order of Stara Planina I-st class by the President Georgi Parvanov. The Order is awarded to Mr. Danailov for “his exceptional contribution to the Republic of Bulgaria in the field of physical education and sport.”

During the ceremony, the President Georgi Parvanov determined Silvio Danailov as very strong chess player and prominent analyst, outstanding manager with tremendous contribution for transformation of our country into world chess power, founder of the Grand Slam and the man who conducted many reforms in the world chess.

Mr. Danailov thanked to the President and the state for this exceptional recognition and stated that this Order obliges Him to continue working with redoubled efforts for achieving new heights, among which He mentioned one of the main His goals for returning the world chess crown in Bulgaria.

The President of Bulgaria awards with the Order of Stara Planina politicians, diplomats, public figures, athletes, Bulgarian and foreign citizens.

Among the winners of the order are very renowned names such as: Colin Powell, Sylvie Vartan, Nicolas Sarkozy, Silvia (Queen of Sweden), Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, José Manuel Barroso, Condoleezza Rice, Nelson Mandela, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Silvio Berlusconi and others.

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