Silvio Danailov - Entrepreneur &
President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation

Mr. Silvio Danailov is Chess Entrepreneur, President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation since 2011 & Manager of GM Veselin Topalov. He was President of the European Chess Union and Member of FIDE Presidential Board (2010-2014).

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SILVIO DANAILOV: “45 minutes for each of you per game, once or twice a toilet break. The end!”

Interview of with Silvio Danailov


SILVIO DANAILOV: “45 minutes for each of you per game, once or twice a toilet break. The end!”

Е.SUROV 17.02 Moscow time, Chess – news alive, thank you everyone for being connected! Invite your friends and acquaintances; we have planned an exciting hour, because we have Marakova Maria and her guest on the direct line. Maria, good evening!

М.MANAKOVA: Hello everybody! It`s been a really special day today, and tomorrow it is going to be even more special, two final rounds. There are a lot of people here, it is just overcrowded, no special places, and again no place to sit. Crowded playing hall, crowded corridors, a lot of  people came, a lot of famous chess players, that`s the atmosphere here! Of course, everything is warming up, you can simply feel the energy of the fight. So it is really interesting in Telegraph.

And here with me is the man I am sure you all know pretty well, and he… Well, no need for introducing him, it is Silvio Danailov, Topalov`s official manager and president of Bulgarian chess federation. And I have a lot of questions for my guest. Can I start torturing him already? Read more »

BCF complaint vs. Zurab Azmaiparashvili and Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou regarding flagrant violations of the FIDE Code of Ethics

On 8th of July, 2015, Bulgarian Chess Federation sent to FIDE Ethics Commission complaint vs. current ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili and ECU Secretary General Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou regarding flagrant violations of the FIDE Code of Ethics.


BCF demands punishment for at least 3 years removal from the position of ECU Secretary General for Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou and for Zurab Azmaiparashvili – at least one year suspension from the office of the ECU President.

Here you can read the original text of the complaint:

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Veselin Topalov: “I Am Not a Chess Fanatic!”

Interview of with GM Veselin Topalov

Veselin Topalov

E.SUROV: Veselin, has it been a long time since you have won a large super tournament?

V.TOPALOV: I think the last time I won a tournament featuring the reigning world champion was in Bilbao in 2008. This is when Anand was the champion, and he played in the tournament. Since then I am not sure. Of course, I won a lot of tournaments after that, but not with such a line-up. Of course, there was Linares in 2010, but then the world champion was not playing. Of course, this is not critical, but nevertheless it is important.

E.SUROV: In general, it is important for you to play the world champion?

V.TOPALOV: Not that important, I’m just talking about statistics. I won the Zug stage of the FIDE Grand Prix and in London shared the first place, and in Linares, and maybe even in some other tournament. But if I remember correctly, the Bilbao – this is the last tournament in which the champion also played.

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Bulgarian Parliamentary Committee for Anti-corruption, Conflict of Interests and Parliamentary Ethics announced that it has terminated the proceedings against the Bulgarian Chess Federation

Yesterday, 18th of June, 2015, the Bulgarian Parliamentary Committee for Anti-corruption, Conflict of Interests and Parliamentary Ethics announced that it has terminated the proceedings against the Bulgarian Chess Federation and has notified Regional Prosecutor’s Office about that decision.


This is further evidence that the charges of corruption against the federation are groundless, part of a smear campaign aimed at damaging of the good name of BUL Chess Fed and its leadership and serving of foreign interests. It is clear that this smear campaign is led by people, who want to destroy the political chess career of the President Silvio Danailov, who has remained the only real opposition of FIDE and who will run for FIDE Presidency during the upcoming FIDE elections.

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Позиция на гросмайстор Веселин Топалов във връзка с конфликта в БФШ

До Българската шахматна общественост и всички медии

С голямо недоумение следя агресивната клеветническа кампания срещу БФ Шахмат и неговото ръководство водена от лицата Стефан Сергиев, Кирил Георгиев, Венцислав Инкьов и Методи Стойнев. Затова бих искал да споделя и някои факти.

От изнесените наяве неотдавна документи се разбира, че Стефан Сергиев е бил доносник на ДС, което само по себе си го лишава от моралното право да говори за принципи. По мое мнение сред тези хора (работили или донасяли в ДС) има наистина талантливи и отлично подготвени хора, но Ст. Сергиев не е такъв. Освен това, доколкото разбирам, тенденцията в България е, те да не бъдат докускани на ръководни длъжности. Скоро аз с възмущение научих, че чрез фирмата на сина си господин Сергиев е продал столовете на които аз и Ананд седяхме по времето на мача за световната титла в София през 2010 г. Докато в Аржентина все още пазят масата, столовете от историческите шахматни събития играни там, като мача за световната титла Алехин – Капабланка 1927 г., Фишер – Петросян ’1972 година, както и масата и стола на който аз играх и станах световен шампион в Сан Луис ‘2005 година, като културни и исторически ценности, тези ценности са потънали в джоба на претендиращият за “историк” на българския шахмат Ст. Сергиев.

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Official statement of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chess Federation

11401580_10204649148735001_8647303641338182010_nOn 5th of June, 2015 (Friday), at its meeting, the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chess Federation decided the following:

1. In connection with the public deliberate, targeted and coordinated actions and statements of the following persons: Metodi Stoynev, Kiril Georgiev and Simeon Stoitchkov aimed at the damaging of the reputation of the Bulgarian Chess Federation, sabotaging of its activities and discrediting of its leadership, by announcements in the public space of false, unproved and defamatory allegations for corruption and misuse (during press conference, held on 28th of May, 2015 in the Press Club of the Bulgarian News Agency, in the social networks, etc.) as well as damaging of the reputation, using slanders and lies, of the Bulgarian Minister of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Youth and Sports and its experts, the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chess Federation determined their actions as inadmissible, extremely reprehensible and in violation of the Statute and the Code of Ethics of the federation.

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278138_96bdb36c_200x200o_bbbed5c169c6Earlier this week FIDE threatened to exclude the Bulgarian Chess Federation after Silvio Danailov called them “not competent and professional enough.” Meanwhile, he has appealed at CAS to a ruling from the FIDE Ethics CommissionThe last few years, Silvio Danailov, former second of GM Veselin Topalov and former president of the European Chess Union, hasn’t been best friends with FIDE officials — to put it mildly. Currently the two parties are clashing once again.
Velchev Case
It started with a letter posted on the FIDE website eight days ago, addressed to the Bulgarian Chess Federation. In the letter, sent to both Danailov (BCF president) and Nikolay Velchev (BCF executive director), information was requested about the Bulgarian chess player Ivan Tetimov.

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Virineya BairosЕсть в России республика Калмыкия со столицей Элистой, которая стала городом культурной нищеты и варварской безнравственности с приходом к власти Кирсана Илюмжинова – президента республики с 1993 по 2005, кто самолично (!) без какого-либо референдума граждан Калмыкии и России, несмотря на протесты общественности, решил сделать брендом и лицом Элисты своего кумира – вымышленного «героя» из советского наследия писателей Ильфа и Петрова – Остапа Бендера – мошенника и брачного афериста, бронзовую статую которого установили на площади Нью-Васюков – шахматной столицы мира. Столица Шахмат хоть и находится территориально в городе Элисте, но с административной точки зрения является самостоятельным муниципальным образованием, со своим гимном, гербом и с соответствующей символикой в формате «великого махинатора всех времен и народов» – Бендера.

Шахматная столица носит двойное название – официально City Chess, а неофициально – Нью-Васюки, увековечив название городка, где Бендер, представившись гроссмейстером, ограбил доверчивых местных шахматистов и сбежал. Но, несмотря на порочную репутацию Бендера, местные жители его чтят в Элисте как героя, ведь идол криминального мира стал брендом рождения новой шахматной парадигмы и сутью культурно-нравственного развития нового поколения шахматистов.

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Silvio Danailov meets with the Chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly, Mrs. Tsetska Tsacheva

On 19th of March, 2015, the Honorary President of the European Chess Union and President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation, Silvio Danailov, met with the Chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly, Mrs. Tsetska Tsacheva. They discussed the introduction of chess as a school subject in the Bulgarian education system, according to the program “Chess in school”.

Silvio-Cecka Cacheva

The meeting was attended also by the Chairman of the parliamentary Commission for Culture and Media, Mrs. Polly Karastoyanova, and MPs from all political parties represented in the Bulgarian Parliament.

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Friendly advise to Zurab: less nervousness and tourism, more work and transparency

In his recent science-fiction hilarious interview, obviously prearranged with the well known Makro&friends “FIDE” servants from ChessDom, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili attacked very hard the previous ECU management. Especially rough was Mr. Azmaiparashvili with the organizers of Budva, EYCC 2013, calling them „thieves“ and directly accusing them of stealing money from the Montenegro Chess Federation.


Less nervousness and tourism, more work and transparency

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