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Alaska is a definite go to destination for the more adventurous and explorer type people for some fun, exhilarating and amazing aquatic experiences watching some of the marine life such as orcas, humpback whales, beluga or grays whales. Whales begin their migration movements on a yearly basis in February from the warm Mexican waters to reach their destination in Alaska in April.

Most of these tours if not all, are all but a day’s cruise and in the day you will be guaranteed the chance to enjoy viewing this marine life in its natural undisturbed state and habitat in Kenai Fjords National Park. Orcas are usually found in the waters around the coastal Alaskan region including the areas of Seward, Kodiak, Glacier Bay, Icy straight, Alaska’s inside package and in Whittie’s Prince William Sound.

The gray whales on the other hand, are known migrators and they move through the water ways in Alaska to find their feeding grounds for the summer period. Arctic Ocean specifically the Bering and Chukchi seas. Humpback whales are found in abundance on the outside of Juneau while belugas are found in the Turnagain arm on the outer side of Anchorage.

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It may very well be a common occurrence to be able to spot these mammals atop the deck of ships, but it just as well is not quite a guarantee unless one would take a whale watching tour in Juneau and get a closer more informed glance at these magnificently humongous creatures and get to learn a thing or two as you enjoy the tour. In this article we will look at some of the best whale watching Alaskan tours starting with the Kenai Fjords National park tours which is the official tour operator for the National Park and came to establishment in the year 1974. It offers the most in recreational activities for all manner of sportsmen and women and the Kenai Peninsula which is otherwise known as Alaska’s playground with many of the whale species being spotted in this area as well as seals, sea lions, porpoises and arctic bird life.

This tour features a four hour gray whale watch Alaska cruise which is a superb opportunity to view the yearly migration with sightings of grays, humpbacks and orcas guaranteed. Free served lunches are also a part of this tour which runs its availability from March through to may. It features also a Resurrection Bay Wildlife Tour which offers more geographical sight – seeing as compared to the marine life shows with views of jagged cliff edges, wildlife and Alpine glaciers of the bay. Accompanied with this package is the exquisite Alaska salmon and prime rib lunch which is served at the Island Fox lodge.

The last tour of the Kenai Park is the actual National park tour which is commonly referred to as Alaska%u2019s most popular glacier and wildlife expedition (cruise) and provides an in-depth experience of the Kenai Fjords National Park with narrated tours and complementary lunches as well as a trip to the Alaska maritime National Wildlife refuge.

Another tour company is the Phillips Cruises and tours which offers award-winning glacier expeditions to Alaskan residents and guests from all around the world. This cruise embarks from Whitter and explores Prince William Sound which is a haven of enormous glaciers, thick spruce forests and plenty wildlife. Unlike the Kenai tours, these offer a complementary hot meal, fully stocked bar, restrooms availability and a narration about the tour from US Forest Service Rangers and even a no sea – sickness guarantee. More features of these tours include the 26 glacier cruise which is an all-day travel where guests will experience the calm and serene environment of the Esther passage, the magnificent alpine and tidewater glaciers while travelling in complete and utter comfort aboard the M/V Klondike Express which is the fastest catamaran in all Alaska.

There is also the glacier quest cruise- an excellent pick for families with young children, where you will be cruised into Blackstone Bay which is home to seven glaciers and the Yosemite-scale waterfalls, and watch for chances to spot sea otters, seals, bears, whales, mountain goats or kittiwakes. And lastly is the sunset glacier cruise which as the name suggests is a sunset tour which is a magical time for this whale watching excursion and expeditions with Alaska’s long daylight hours casting a special illumination on the glaciers of the Blackstone Bay.